Motherlode Mine

You can select to mine here for a chance to receive golden nuggets and a vast array of ores. You cannot receive clue scrolls from mining here, and you cannot powermine here. The Varrock armour effect does not work here. The xp with all boosts before collecting 100 golden nuggets and 99 mining is roughly 44k xp/h, whereas after unlocking the upper level, it is around 54k xp/h.


  • 30 Mining


  • Approx 20% faster mining for having 100 golden nuggets in your skilling CL + 72 mining

  • Falador elite diary provides slightly increased better ores

  • Invisible 4 mining levels boost for Celestial ring/Celestial signet - Works from bank

  • Pickaxe boost (see Mining page)

  • Prospector outfit (see Mining page) - MUST BE EQUIPPED IN SKILLING SETUP

Golden Nuggets

Motherlode mine is the only place where you can obtain Golden nuggets. They are given at a rate of 2.73% per pay-dirt mined. Starting at 30 mining, you can expect to receive 1-5 nuggets per 30 minute trip. At level 72 + unlocking the upper level, you can expect around 6-11 nuggets per trip. At 99 with all boosts, you can expect around 7-12 nuggets per trip.

Golden Nugget Shop

You can use golden nuggets to purchase the Prospector's outfit through the /buy command. The outfit must be equipped in the skilling setup, and provides bonus xp on the return of your trip.

Other things you can purchase with golden nuggets are listed below.

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