Old School Bot
This page goes over how your gear functions on the bot.


Your minion has 8 gear setups (Melee, Mage, Range, Skilling, Misc, Wildy, Fashion and Other) in which you can equip your gear into depending on what activity you want to do on the bot. Below is a list of the commands that deal with equip and unequipping gear on your minion. Lets say you just finished questing and bought yourself a pair of barrows gloves and you would like to equip those in your range setup, you would type +equip range barrows gloves. Now lets say you already had a pair of mithril gloves equipped in your range setup and you wanted to equip the barrows gloves instead now, you do not need to unequip the other gloves first, the equip command will take the other pair off for you and equip the new item. Further below we will talk about +gearpresets a way for you to save a setup you like for later for easy equipping (Please note that the other gear setup is locked to T3 Patron or Higher)


What it does
+autoequip or +aep
Automatically equips the BIS gear you have in your bank, for a particular attack style, to one of your gear setups. (note will not pull from other equipped gear)
+autoequip melee attack crush +autoequip mage attack magic
Equips an item to one of your gear setups.
+equip skilling graceful hood
+equip melee bandos boots
+equip mage staff of fire
Shows your equipped gear. Adding --all shows all setups
+gear melee
+gear --all
Unequips items from one of your gear setups.
+unequip range Twisted bow
+unequip melee Abyssal whip
+gear unequipall
Unequips everything from one of your gear setups. (melee/range/mage/skilling/misc)
+gear unequipall melee +gear unequipall range +gear unequipall mage
+m equippet/ep
Equips a pet, like dropping it on the floor ingame.
+m equippet smolcano
+m unequippet/uep
Unequips your pet.
+m unequippet

Gear Presets

Now that you have equipped the gear you like you probably would like to save that setup for later before you equip something up in that setup. This can done through the /gearpresets commands listed before. Along with the ability to make your own presets there are some global presets available to you at the start such as the "Graceful" preset which will equip full graceful in the specified gear setup. By default, you are restricted to having 3 gear presets. However, this is increased to 8 if you are a T3 patron or a github supporter.
What it does
Shows you your presets you have made.
+gearpresets new <name> <setup>
copy your <setup> gear into a preset called <name>.
+gearpresets new corp melee
+gearpresets delete <name>
delete your setup called <name>.
+gearpresets delete corp
+gearpresets equip <name> <setup>
equip your <name> setup to your <setup> outfit.
+gearpresets equip corp melee

Global Gear Presets

  • Graceful
  • Pyro
  • Carpenter
  • Rogue
  • Clue
  • Angler
  • Prospector
  • Lumberjack

BiS Gear

This gear is the best food reduction equipment in the game. This will save the highest amount of food possible at almost every boss, with notable exceptions being KQ and Nightmare.

Wildy Setup

The wilderness setup is currently only used at revenants and wilderness hunter. All of the items equipped in this setup can be permanently lost if you are killed while doing activities that use this setup.