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Zalcano is a skilling based boss. You can start a trip with /k name:Zalcano.
Zalcano is a solo only activity, however your minion theoretically kills it with other minions.


  • Level 70 in the following skills:
    • Smithing
    • Mining
    • Farming
    • Agility
    • Woodcutting
    • Herblore
    • Construction
    • Hunter
  • 150+ quest points


  • 15% time penalty for not having graceful equipped.
  • Higher KC provides a speed boost (up to 16.67%).
  • Higher Smithing/Mining levels provide speed boosts (up to 5% combined).
  • Food usage will decrease with KC.


  • Runecrafting, Smithing and Mining XP.
  • 2-3 crystal shards per kill and various resources such as runes, gems, ores and bars.
  • Crystal tool seed, used to make crystal tools which provide the highest boosts.
    • /create item:Crystal pickaxe/axe/harpoon (needs 76 craft & smith + 120 crystal shards)
  • Finally, Zalcano has a pet (Smolcano) and drops a dragon pickaxe ornament kit (Zalcano shard).
    • /create item:Dragon pickaxe (or)
  • See the OSRS wiki Zalcano Page for further details.