Old School Bot

Rogues Den

Complete laps of the maze using /minigames rogues_den start for a chance to obtain pieces of the Rogues Outfit.
It works a bit differently to in game, after your trip returns you'll receive loot with an equal chance at any of the 5 outfit pieces.


  • 50 Thieving
  • 50 Agility


  • 80 Thieving provides a 40% boost
  • Stamina potions provide a 50% boost
    • These are automatically used if you have them in your bank (1 potion per 4 laps).


  • Rogues outfit (mask, top, trousers, gloves, boots)
    • Each piece provides a 20% chance of double loot when pickpocketing (100% with full outfit).
    • Must be equipped in the Skilling setup
/gear equip gear_setup:Skilling item:Rogue top - Equips a single piece
/gear equip gear_setup:Skilling preset:rogue - Equips the entire set